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   'Well done Merritts Brook!'

Weekly attendance is at or above national average of 96.1%.


It is essential that children are in school EVERY day unless they are really unwell. A day out of school every so often does actually mount up and means that your child is missing out on their education. 


We are working very closely with Big Community and parents to achieve improved attendance .


Sometimes we all feel a little under the weather first thing in the morning, but once we are up and dressed, we actually feel a little better. It's really important that children develop resilience - that they try their hardest to come into school every day. If you are concerned that your child may be ill then please inform their class teacher and if necessary we will phone home so that you can collect your child if their symptoms get worse.


If your child is absent from school please phone the office to inform them as to why your child is not in school . It is really important that we hear from you - if we don't know where your child is , then this is a safeguarding issue so we will always phone home to check that your child is safe.Proof of the reason for absence will need to be shown to the school office staff on their return - either an appointment card or a letter. If proof is not shown your child will be given an unauthorised absence  mark on their attendance record.


From September 2015 we will be using 'Spotlight' on attendance. You will receive a letter in September explaining how this will work and what action will be taken if attendance is not above 96.1%.


Attendance below 90% is now considered to be Persistent Absence.


Please make every effort to get to school on time ...minutes add up. If your child is 15 minutes late every day , that adds up to over an hour a week ...think of the amount of hours over a half term ...then a year ! At Merritts Brook we use every available minute whilst the children are in school and getting off to a good start in the day is so important. Set that alarm clock ! 


Your child needs to arrive at school by 8.55am or they will be given a late mark or an unaurthorised mark, this will depend on the time of their arrival. These marks will be accountable for action with regards to the 'Spotlight'action being put in place in September.

95% attendance = 9 days absence = 50 lessons

90% attendance = 19 days absence = 100 lessons

85% attendance = 29 days absence = 150 lessons

80% attendance = 38 days absence = 200 lessons


Impact of lateness

Impact of lateness 1

Have a look below to view how our attendance has DRAMATICALLY INCREASED from 2010 - 2016 


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Picture 1
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