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Merritts Brook Academy is now part of The Children’s University. This is an international organisation that provides 7-14 year olds with access to exciting and innovative learning activities and experiences outside of the normal school day. These learning activities are being provided by school as well as other organisations and are called Learning Destinations.

The Children’s University aims to raise aspirations, celebrate achievement, boost achievement and foster a love of learning, so that children can make the most of their abilities and interests.

All the children in Y3, Y4 & Y5 have been enrolled in Children’s University. We have purchased an individually numbered Passport to Learning for each child. Children collect stamps and stickers to demonstrate the number of hours of learning they have achieved in validated Children’s University activities.

The official national Children’s University Trust Awards

There are three groups : Undergraduate, Postgraduate, and doctorate, with four levels in each. The first level is called the Award level:

                                                             30 hours = Bronze Award Certificate

                                                             65 hours= Silver Award Certificate

                                                             100 hours = Gold Award Certificate

Bronze and Silver Award Certificates will be awarded at a ceremony in school. Gold Certificates will be awarded at a ceremony at a local university.

There are progressive steps leading all the way up to 1000 hours of learning at the top doctorate level. Children are asked to participate in at least 10 hours of ‘something new’ for each award level above Bronze Award level.

Each member of Y3,Y4 & Y5 has access to:

  • A C.U. Passport to Learning
  • C.U. Learning Activities provided by C.U. quality assured Learning Destinations.
  • Participation in a Children’s University Graduation Ceremony where they will receive a Children’s University certificate, dressed traditionally in a graduation cap and gown, with an invitation to parents/carers to attend.

Through participation in fun, high quality learning experiences, we aim to grow inquisitive, confident, independent children and learners. It’s about enjoyment and a sense of achievement for all. Membership of the Children’s University provides each child with access to a range of quality assured learning provision.

The Passports to Learning will be kept in school. If your child attends a C.U. Learning destination outside of school they can collect stamps on special vouchers provided by the Learning Destination and bring them in to school to have their passports stamped.

To find out where the activities are away from school visit and click on the Learning Destination section on the front page. Information will also be sent out by school and listed on our school website.

Please note the Children’s University can only take responsibility for the quality of the learning experience provided by The Learning Destinations and cannot be held responsible for other matters.

For more information about Children’s University speak to Mrs Newman – the school’s Children’s University Coordinator or contact the local Children’s University office on 0121 718 7081.

I do hope you will support your child in this exciting venture and help them to achieve their Children’s University awards.

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On Friday the 16th October we held our first Children’s University Awards Assembly, which involved fifteen of our children being presented with their Bronze Certificates by Carolyn Lloyd, The Children's University Strategic Manager.

They all looked very smart wearing the C.U. mortar boards and gowns and were obviously so proud of their achievement, as were the rest of the school.

During the assembly, Ishika Kumar, Callum Shannon, Georgia Campbell-Wallis and Wiktoria Garczarczyk were made Children’s University Ambassadors, in recognition of their commitment to extra-curricular learning that they showed last year.

 The Ambassadors will work with the Children's University Coordinator, Mrs Newman, to promote Children's University learning throughout key stage 2.

To gain their Bronze award the children have attended 30 hours of learning activities and experiences outside normal school hours, such as change 4 life, sewing, lego, football and young voices.

For every hour of voluntary extra-curricular learning, that is Children’s University validated, the children receive a credit, in the form of a stamp in their Passports to Learning.

A large number of our children are well on their way to their silver awards (65 hours). These will be presented in a Graduation Ceremony at Newman University July 2016.

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