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Colourful Semantics

What is Colourful Semantics? 
This is a Speech and Language therapy technique which uses colour coded cards to help children to learn the important elements of a sentence, and how to join them together in the correct order. 
It aims 
• To teach the possible structure of sentences using colour coding and Question words. 
• To develop the understanding of “wh” questions i.e. Who, What, Where. 
• To develop the use of sentences containing: 
          A subject - the girl 
          A verb - is eating 
          An object - an apple 
          A place - in the kitchen 
• To increase the range of verbs used. 


It can be used to develop spoken as well as written language and the different colours help the children to remember all the parts of the sentence that they need to use.



Picture 1
Picture 1