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At Merritts Brook we understand the importance of ICT in today's education. We have provided six computers for each classroom in EYFS area and in the Year one  and two classrooms All classrooms throughout the school have  P.C's and Interactive Whiteboards, and the Library has desktop PC. 

We also have laptop and Ipad trollies where all year groups have access to use these pieces of equipment throughout the school week.  


The enjoyment and achievement of pupils in ICT is clearly seen in pupils at Merritts Brook. Lessons are brought to life through subject specific software, video and web activities all of which provide interactive learning. Pupils are also taught the many uses of ICT, whether it be word processing, multimedia presentation, design work or email and Internet use. 


Merritts Brook has subscribed to Purple Mash, an exciting and safe online environment where children can get involved in all sorts of creative projects to support their learning in Literacy, Numeracy, Science, ICT, Music, Art, and R.E. Purple Mash is an easy, fun and independent way of learning that will be used in school during lessons as well as being available for children to use at home anytime for free.


We have also subscribed to the primary reading and phonics programme "Bug Club" for Early Years and Key Stage 1 and 2.

Bug Club online reading scheme matches directly with our phonics and guided reading schemes.

Teachers throughout the school incorporate bug club on a daily basis into their lessons such as phonics, literacy and guided reading and our children really love it.

Each child has their own Bug Club account - where teachers will allocate e-books regularly.  


In the early years, pupils are taught important keyboard and mouse skills through engaging games, whilst also developing an understanding of how to make electronic items move, through the use of our programmable toys.


The Junior hall is equipped with a screen and computer projector, which is a valuable resource for class assemblies, productions, school assemblies, hymn practice and parent meetings.