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 ‘Inspire workshops’ are fun and exciting workshops, hosted in each year group, and are an opportunity for all parents and carers to come into school and spend time with their child, learning together in a fun , relaxed atmosphere.


Inspire workshops are held for each class every term. The class teacher plans a fun and usually practical activity for children to work on alongside their parent or a family member. The children always really enjoy these events and they give parents and carers a taste of the sort of activities children do at school. They are good social occasion and help teachers get to know the parents of the children they teach.
The feedback we get from parents, grandparents and of course the children, is really positive. Everyone gets such a lot out of the events especially the children.

Autumn 1 2015 parent workshops

Year group

Workshop focus




Family snack morning




All about me – singing songs about the body. Sharing of stories



Super heroes – making super hero masks.




Tower, tunnels and turrets – making a knights shield



Urban pioneers – collaborative art work




Romans – pizza making




Beast creator -




Childs war - VE day party




Early Years Mark Making Inspire Parent Workshop.

We had a fantastic time, making lots of marks and talking about them with our Nursery parents.  We used lots of medias and materials to make marks, we explored shaving foam, flour, paint, pens, colour sand and porridge.  Lots of Mummy's even made potions in our Colour Potion Lab and made marks about them.  We also focused on developing our fine motor skills with disco dough and tweezers. We had a fun time learning together!  Take a look at our lovely photographs. 

Reception Writing Workshop

We invited our grown up's into school one morning to take part in a really fun writing workshop

We wrote about our trip to the farm, we made some lists, we also wrote letters in the shaving foam sand and oats.

We also took part in physical development activities which included threading the cheerios on the spaghetti, making some pipe cleaner letters and moving the raisins with the little sticks

We had a lot of fun 

Year 1 parents joined us for a cooking workshop. We made cakes and decorated them in a woodland theme. Thank you to all of the parents who came in.

Thank you to the parents who attended our Year 1 phonics workshop. The information we shared can be found below.



As we are currently looking at the topic 'mighty metals' we decided to try an make interesting creation out of shortbread to emulate metallic objects present in our everyday lives. We followed our recipe and measured all our ingredients out followed by the all important baking stage. In the afternoon, our parents joined us to enjoy decorating our creations and making the all important taste test. Parents were also invited to take part in the learning process involved with writing and following a set of instructions.

As part of our Topic 'Road Trip USA' , Year 4 researched some authentic American recipes for us to make. We chose Banana and Strawberry Milkshakes, Chocolate and Cherry Cookies and Pancakes with Blueberries and Maple Syrup. We had to use our numeracy skills to measure and weigh out our ingredients and time how long our food had to be shaken, griddled and baked.

Year 4 Inspire Workshop

Year 5 Inspire Workshop - Making Lemon Cheesecake 

Year 6 invited their friends and family to help us make some healthy flapjacks as part of our 'Blood Heart' topic which is teaching us about the heart and how to keep it healthy. We used some lovely ingredients and were able to use different techniques in order to complete the recipe. They were delicious especially when they had just come out of the oven. Yum, yum!