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Welcome to Merritts Brook Library


Hello and welcome! We hope you have enjoyed using the library and have read lots of exciting books. The library now has a dedicated team of librarians to make your reading experience a pleasant one.

Let's meet the team...


Mr. Maguire


   Mr. Maguire            Miss. Edwards          Mr. Dowling               Miss. Bah                  Miss. Mann               Miss. Coseru

    LIbrary                          Head                        Library                       Library                     Library                      Library
 Co-ordinator                Librarian                  Assistant                    Assistant                  Assistant                   Assistant



Children visit the library once a week with their class to change their books and give them the opportunity to spend time in the library.  The library is also open on a Tuesday lunchtime. Lots of work has been done to make the library to make it child friendly and easier for children to access.


Children can now scan their books in and out of the library using the computer. This gives children the opportunity to be more independent and manage their own account. The library has lots of colourful displays to make the children's reading experiences more enjoyable and visual aids are available around the library to help children with their reading.


Take a look at the library with our slide show below;