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This week we have implemented playground zoning at lunchtimes. Playtime remains as normal. We see this as a positive move to ensure that children develop good social skills, are active to improve health and fitness, develop motor skills through ball games and circuits, keep occupied and engaged.


  • The children will have a choice of two zones every day.
  • By zoning we can ensure that all children go in to the hall and have their lunch
  • We have provided a variety of activities  - ball games zone, quiet zone, fun zone, traditional games zone ,friendship room zone, Lego zone , circuit zone etc . These zones will change each half term to ensure that we provide a whole range of activities to ensure we cater for all of our children.
  • The friendship room has a electronic dart board, table tennis , Wii, ice-hockey game , snooker table, board games etc
  • On Friday its free-time , whereby children can play as they have done previously  - across the whole playground, play with whoever they want etc
  • There is a supervisor in each zone so we are able to monitor the children more closely to make sure that they are safe and well.


It has been a really positive initiative so far. We have reduced the number of incidents at lunchtime. It was lovely to see lunchtimes this week  - we saw happy children  that were active and socializing with children from across the school and developing their social skills. We hope that as children and parents the change is embraced and supported as we have made the decision, as always,  in the best interests of the children.

Picture 1
Picture 1

During lunchtime we aim for the children to have lots of fun, develop social skills and get some exercise. Throughout lunchtime staff organise specific activities in the playground that the children can join in with such as football, draughts, parachute games etc . Mr Maguire often organises outdoor discos which are really successful and he often leads the dancing ! during the summer we regularly have picnics in the playground with music and ice-lollies! We feel that lunchtimes are a real success with very few incidents due to the children have the opportunities to join in with activities.


Behaviour at lunchtime is monitored regularly - by members of the Governing Body and also by Mrs Ling (Pastoral Manager). 


The friendship room

We are fortunate to have a lot of space at MBA which we use to maximum effect. We have two friendship rooms where children can develop social skills, play board games, play table football, play pool etc in a comfortable , bright space. We timetable the rooms but also children who are struggling to play outdoors can choose to have some quiet time in one of the friendship rooms.


Lunchtime Buddies

Mrs Dudley - our Lead Lunchtime Supervisor leads a fantastic group of volunteer pupils who help out at lunchtime. This group of children encourage good manners in the dinner hall, help clean tables, deliver water to children and generally keep good order in the hall at lunchtime. The Buddies are really proud of their role and carry out their duties diligently. 

Occasionally children who are struggling to make the right choices are also selected to be Lunchtime Buddies. This has proved to be really successful , raising self esteem and also transforming behaviour due to the increased responsibility.


Playground Buddies

A number of children went to Shenley Academy to be trained as Playleaders. These children have learned traditional playtime games that they can include children in during lunchtime. The children are trained to spot children who are left out, feeling lonely etc and to encourage them to join in with the playground games.


Healthy Living 

We encourage the children to make healthy lifestyle choices especially at playtimes and lunchtimes . We would appreciate if parents and carers could include healthy items for snack-time and lunchtime such as fruit, yogurt, peeled raw vegetables, cereal bars, raisins, crackers , slices of cheese, tomatoes etc .The children are not permitted to the following items into school :-


sweets and chocolates 

fizzy drinks

highly coloured and flavoured drinks 

Friendship Room Pictures

Our Lunchtime Staff


Ms Dudley

Mr Maguire

Mrs Wallis

Mr Garfield 

Mrs Johns

Mrs Bennett

Mrs Killeen

Miss Champken



Lunchtime Fun

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