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Welcome to the Maths page of our Academy website. Here you will find details of how we teach Maths along with helpful ideas that can be used at home to support your child.


Maths is a key skill for young children and by ensuring they are fully equipped with the basic skills required in this subject is essential. In order to do this we have daily maths lessons along with a separate basic skills sessions so that the four operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division are embedded within the children's knowledge. We also have Key Information Recall Facts (KIRF's) every half term to practise which helps children build up their mental maths skills.To support the children further during the marking process a 'steps to success' will be given to consolidate their learning or challenge the children further. In Key Stage 2 a 4 a day system is in operation whereby before every lesson the children will be given a selection of questions involving the 4 operations to continually practise these skills.



The new Maths Curriculum was implemented from September 2014 for all years except 2 and 6 who started the new curriculum in September 2015. To find out more please click the link below. This link will show you the progression and expectations of the children in each year group.


To support the teaching of numeracy in school we follow the Collins Busy Ant scheme. This allows the children to develop all the skills required in maths in order to be able to apply these to a variety of problems. The following link gives you an overview to the currirulum for each Year group from Year 1-6.


At our Academy we are really trying to encourage the children to learn their times tables. To do this we ask them to practise every night for at least 5-10 mins and for parents there are a variety of activiites provided for you to help support your child with this learning. In the Academy we have recently started a programme called the 4m's which stands for Merritts, Marvellous, Multiplication, Masters. Each week pupils are given a selection of questions based on times table facts and have 10 minutes to try and answer these. When they do get all the questions correct they then graduate and move onto the next club.


Don't forget your child has been supplied with a password and username for the Interactive maths site Sumdog. Please encourage your child to log in as often as possible to help practise their mental maths skills -





Below are the curriculum objectives that each year group follow throughout the school year.

To help children to continue their learning at home they have been given usernames and passwords to a website called Here they are able to log in and see what homework has been set for them by their classteacher. They have the opportunity to refresh their skills by completing the lesson linked to the homework before completing their tasks. Once completed they will be given instant marking feedback and can see how well they have done. Please encourage your child to use this as often as possible along with the games linked to the site as well.

Progression in Maths at Merritts Brook Academy - Here you can see all the skills that each year group are required to do by the end of that particular year. It allows us as an academy to track the progression of all of our pupils, along with providing an overall skills based curriculum for maths.

Example of the 4M's club

Information for parents about progress in maths