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Outdoor Learning

Nursery and Reception children explore and learn in the outdoor environment everyday.  The provision in our outdoor learning environment focuses on all areas of learning.

Creating our Living Willow

Creating our Living Willow 1
Creating our Living Willow 2

WOW! Exciting Outdoor Developments!

We have been working so hard to improve the provision and learning in our EYFS Outdoor Learning Environment.  We still have work to do, however you can already seen an amazing development.

We have transformed the houses into a Writing Hut, a Builder's shed and a People Who Help Us house.

Music and Movement!

The stage has been transformed with a music wall and lots of instruments have been added to make a band.

Water World!

The water area now has a water wall to help us to develop our critical thinking and problem solving skills! 

The Mud Kitchen

Mr Varney built us a wonderful Mud Kitchen where we use our imagination and explore lots of textures to make unusual and fascinating concoctions.  

The Reading Hut

Our Wonderful Wigwam is a fantastic area to enjoy stories and look at books.

The Enchanted Woods

All kinds of interesting and magical creatures are living in our magical Fairy Garden already.

Numbers, numbers all around!

There are numbers all around the Outdoor environment.  When you visit, see how many numbers you can find!!

Keep visiting the Outdoor Learning page to see our on going developments.....


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