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We are really excited to celebrate our wonderful Pathways 

group.  ‘Pathways’ is a class for some of our children from across the school, who are finding it hard to access the curriculum in their classes and learn best in a smaller environment.  As such there are only 5 pupils in this group.  They are following a very practical curriculum and have great fun learning in this way.  This group is lead by Mrs Newman our HLTA with the support of Mrs Cotterill the SENCo and runs every morning.  In the afternoon, pupils go back to their usual year groups.




                         The Lovely Mrs Newman





In English, Pathways follow Read, Write Inc, which focuses upon phonics skills and builds these into reading and writing.




In Maths the children use very practical activities to help them to understand mathematical concepts for example, when the children studied money, they enjoyed a trip to the shops to work out how much money they would need to spend and how much change they would get.  They then came back to class and used this to help them with their work in the classroom.




                                     Sorting our numbers into Odds and Evens.  

Can you work out which colour we used for odd and which colour was for the even numbers?


The Broader Curriculum

The pupils also gain a lot from using art and cooking to apply what they have been doing in their lessons in a different context and learn to generalise their learning.



   Our 'Aliens Love Panta Claus' art and writing work display           



Cooking using our Maths skills                            






Pupils in Pathways are assessed using B Squared, which is an assessment tool that looks at smaller steps to success and shows the progress made by the children in Pathways and the impact upon their learning.