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Religious Education

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Religious Education at Merritts Brook


For thousands of years, the religions of the world have been celebrating, teaching and telling the stories of their faith.  They try to answer the questions that most people wonder about from time to time:


'How should we imagine and express what matters?'

'How and why should we care?'

'What should we stand for?'

'How and where should we contribute and relate to others?'

'What ventures should we undertake?'

'How do we come to understand what matters?'


Some people look to religion to provide answers.  For many people around the world, religion is at the centre of their lives, and it guides their struggles and their hopes for the future.  To be able to understand their own beliefs and values, children need to learn about and respond to the beliefs of others.

In RE children learn about the main religions in this country, particularly Christianity.  We aim to help children respect the beliefs and practices of others as well as discover more about their own.


We aim to:

• Talk about the questions of life

• Teach the beliefs and practises of the 6 major religions and understand their influence on people and cultures

• Develop the children’s ability to make informed judgements about religious and moral life

• Develop positive attitudes towards other people


We follow the Birmingham Agreed Syllabus and focus on 2 Attainment Targets:

1. Learning from Faith

2. Learning about Religion Traditions


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Festivals Week 2015


Throughout the week each class researched their festival, cooked food , learnt dances and created a display.  The week ended with a fantastic exhibition in the hall, which all classes visited and explored.