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School Clubs

At Merritts Brook we offer a wide variety of extra-curricular clubs throughout the week.

School Clubs 2015-2016

Drama club

The aims of the club are:

To develop creativity and imagination:
Build social skills and cooperation.
Develop observational skills.
Experience a variety of roles.
Explore emotions & build self-esteem.
Develop communication skill (verbal and nonverbal.)

At the end of the club the children will have created their own piece of drama and will have learnt different techniques such as interpretation, choral speaking, tableaux, improvisation and role play. 

Last year the Drama club wrote their own play, which they then performed in assembly to introduce the Value of the month –Thoughtfulness, it was a huge success.

A Stitch in Time Club - The children are starting off their binca project and developing their sewing skills

A Stitch in Time Club

A Stitch in Time Club 1
A Stitch in Time Club 2
A Stitch in Time Club 3
A Stitch in Time Club 4
A Stitch in Time Club 5
Well done Y5 completing A Stitch in Time Club !
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Picture 3
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Picture 5
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Go Global Pen Pal Club

Merritts Brook Academy has developed a link with Warradale Primary School in Adelaide, Australia.









Nine of our students meet every Tuesday lunchtime to read their latest email from their pen pal and send a reply.

The students compare their lives in both countries, chatting about a wide range of topics from Vegemite to homework, favourite computer games and of course the weather!






The students at Warradale held their first Children’s University Graduation Ceremony, in November, and shared their experience with us.











In December we had a wonderful surprise when a parcel arrived from Australia with gifts and cards for everyone in the club, including Mrs Newman.

We managed to send a thank you video clip back to Warradale before they broke up for their six weeks summer holiday!

Thank You to the children from Warradale Primary School

Still image for this video
Our children from Merritts Brook saying a big Thank You to the children from Warradale Primary School in Adelaide, Australia.

School Clubs 2014-15

Young Voices 2015

The children went to the LG arena to perform in front of an  audience of hundreds ! 

Pet Protection 2014-15


The children in this club really enjoy learning about animals and pets, and what it takes to be a good pet owner. Before we go into what happens in the club, let me tell you a little bit about this club.


Pet Protection is ran by the PDSA charity, who deliver the resources that your children complete. At the end of each block of work, your child will recieve a certificate to congratulate them on completion. There are three awards; Bronze, Silver and Gold.


The children learn all about the five welfare needs that animals need, and I'm sure when you ask them, they will be able to tell you each of them. Below you will be able to see the planning for each block of work to give you an insight into what your child is doing while attending the club. We thank you for your continued support.

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Picture 2
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Picture 4

Dance Fitness 2014-2015

Dance Fitness 2014-2015 1
Dance Fitness 2014-2015 2
Dance Fitness 2014-2015 3
Dance Fitness 2014-2015 4
Dance Fitness 2014-2015 5
Dance Fitness 2014-2015 6
Dance Fitness 2014-2015 7
Dance Fitness 2014-2015 8
Dance Fitness 2014-2015 9
Dance Fitness 2014-2015 10

Sewing Club 2014-2015

Sewing Club 2014-2015 1
Sewing Club 2014-2015 2
Sewing Club 2014-2015 3
Sewing Club 2014-2015 4
Sewing Club 2014-2015 5
Sewing Club 2014-2015 6