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Sparkly Folders

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You may hear your child talk about 'Sparkly Folders'.  This is a form of Direct Instruction (similar to Precision Teaching - see link on the main SEND page). Children work 1:1 with an adult on a very specific thing to learn e.g. reading words, spelling words or times tables.  They work intensively for 5 - 10 minutes at a time and 'race'  e.g. 5 words at a time around 5 pockets.  When they have read the words correctly 5 times in a row, the word/words pass into a 'Got it!' pocket, and a new word/ words are added, so there are always 5 to be learnt at any one time.  This keeps the learning fun, fast and engaging.  Children can also see very visually, just how much progress they are making, by looking in their 'Got it!' pocket.
Picture 1