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Speech and Language groups

Here at Merritts Brook we have run speech and language groups in Nursery and Reception for a number of years. This year, we have extended these groups for children who require them across the school. We also have the support of Vicky Lea (our Speech and Language Therapist) in running them.  She will be working alongside our TA's Mrs Hughes and Mrs Maguire to draw up targets and programmes of study to support and develop the language skills of the children in our school. The groups are fun and informal and the children really enjoy taking part in them.  


Here we are focusing on 'Voice Sounds.'  We made lots of sounds using our voices, such as 'whee,' 'buzzzz,' 'tick tock,' 'mooooo.'  By doing this, we are developing the children's articulation of sounds and supporting them to make a range of clear sounds using their speech.  We highlight the movement of their mouths as they make the different sounds. This also supports their ability to listen to a sound, remember that sound and vocalise that sound.
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In the Early Years, we have been developing the children's ability to use complex language.  We are encouraging them to use more words in their conversations. Here the children are role playing talking to one another on the telephone.  We also focused on asking and answering questions, such as 'who, what, where and when.'
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