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Year 5 2016/2017

Tudor Dancing

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Our Lords and Ladies danced at their grand banquet. Many of them compared the experience to being at Toad's party in Wind in the Willows (our class book).
Harvington Hall gave our children an engaing interactive insight into Tudor life. They found out why Catholic priests had to hide from Kind Henry VIII's soldiers, where the priests hid and how they lived their lives. I was so proud of the children, who were able to showcase their knowledge from lessons within school and additional research they have decided to do at home. The Harvington Hall staff commented that they have never seen a class of children who had done so much research already. The number of well thought out questions that were being asked by the children filled me with pride. Many are inspired to find out more and visit similar places in the future. I'm looking forward to seeing what Easter Projects come back following our visit.

Year 5 have been applying their mathematics to lots of practical situations. 

They have been converting and measuring mass to make Egyptian bread and healthy smoothies. To unlock extra ingredients they had to solve mass problems.

We have been using various objects to find remainders and fraction remainders after division.

As part of maths day we went on a maths themed treasure hunt which meant we had to apply our reasoning skills to each question in order to hunt for the next challenge. 

We used writen and mental methods to add and subtract decimal amounts. We even set up our own healthy cafe in class. Some children were able to apply these methods when we sold smoothies to our parents and other classes. The children were in charge of working out how much each drink cost and then they had calculate change. This has been excellent for improving our speaking and listening skills too! 



Practical Maths

Practical Maths 1
Practical Maths 2
Practical Maths 3
Practical Maths 4
Practical Maths 5
Practical Maths 6
Practical Maths 7
Practical Maths 8
Practical Maths 9
Practical Maths 10

As part of our Spring 1 topic 'Pharaohs', we embarked on a class creative project which gave every single person the opportunity to contribute to the design and construction of our own Ancient Egyptian Sarcophagus.

Once we had made the sarcophagus we used it to help our writing by creating various scenarios to act out involving its discovery. Some were linked to Howard Carter's discovery. This fed into the stories set in a different culture unit of writing where we produced some exciting stories that built up tension.

Year 5 love their philosophy for children sessions. We asked the question, 'Is there a difference between tomb raiding and archaeology?'

From this starting point we were able try explore many different concepts and images whilst creating a bank of questions that we would have liked to ask Howard Carter. It's been great to see and hear all of the extra learning the children have wanted to do at home about this topic. I learn something new from them every day! Great effort everyone.

Not a mummy in sight!

Not a mummy in sight! 1
Not a mummy in sight! 2
Not a mummy in sight! 3
Not a mummy in sight! 4
Not a mummy in sight! 5
Not a mummy in sight! 6
Not a mummy in sight! 7
Not a mummy in sight! 8
Not a mummy in sight! 9
Not a mummy in sight! 10
Not a mummy in sight! 11

As part of Year 5's Stargazer topic we have been learning all about the Solar System.

We have:

  • Learnt and created our own mnemonic to remember the planets.
  • Made our own planets
  • Found an astronauts suitcase
  • Tweeted him 
  • Had a visit from the Astronaut
  • Wrote a newspaper report about our special visitor
  • Had a visit from a planetarium in school
  • Learnt how we have night and day using a torch (The Sun), a globe (Earth) and a shiny ball (The Moon).

Out of this world!

Out of this world! 1
Out of this world! 2
Out of this world! 3
Out of this world! 4
Out of this world! 5
Out of this world! 6
Out of this world! 7
Out of this world! 8
Out of this world! 9
Out of this world! 10
Out of this world! 11
As part of our family values week we have been discussing what values we share. We have been celebrating differences! We shared games and stories that have been past down through generations of families. This linked into the fables that we have been writing in English. At the end of the week, we invited our families in to play board the games we have learnt this week. We showed that we were kind, caring, respectful, could take turns, took pride in our games and we congratulated whoever won. I wonder how many of us can share these values outside of school too?

Family Values Week

Family Values Week 1
Family Values Week 2
Family Values Week 3
Family Values Week 4
Family Values Week 5
Family Values Week 6
As part of our writing week we found a mysterious suitcase. Within the suitcase were items from an astronaut. We were able to tweet him. Amazingly, he turned up in our classroom the next day to answer all of our questions about his top secret mission. Then we were able to plan and write a newspaper report based on our incredible experience. 

The mysterious suitcase and a visit from an astronaut!

The mysterious suitcase and a visit from an astronaut! 1
The mysterious suitcase and a visit from an astronaut! 2
The mysterious suitcase and a visit from an astronaut! 3
The mysterious suitcase and a visit from an astronaut! 4

Mr McDermott's maths group have been learning all about shape and fractions using lots of practical resources over the last couple of weeks. We have been able to order fractions based on their numerator and denominator. We have compared two fractions to say which is the greatest.

We have made our own 3-D shapes, described their properties and found parallel and perpendicular lines around school. Drawing tessellating shapes and translating shapes on a 2-D grid has been incredibly fun too! 

Practical Maths

Practical Maths 1
Practical Maths 2
Practical Maths 3
Practical Maths 4
Practical Maths 5
Practical Maths 6
Practical Maths 7
Practical Maths 8
Practical Maths 9
As part of our end of topic celebration we designed and our own creatures with our parents in school. We had lots of fun talking about why we chose each body part and which super power our creature possessed. We also had to use problem solving skills to overcome difficulties whilst making our design. I wonder what amazing homework projects we create this half term?

Parent Workshop

Parent Workshop 1
Parent Workshop 2
Parent Workshop 3
Parent Workshop 4
Parent Workshop 5
Parent Workshop 6
Parent Workshop 7
Welcome to Year 5M. We are really enjoying our brand new topic called 'Beast Creator'. We managed to find lots of interesting mini beasts whilst we were exploring their habitats within school.

Mini Beast Investigators