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Year 6 Curriculum

We cover many different topics in Year 6 and by clicking on the document below you can see our yearly overview for each subject.

Maths in Year 6 - In Year 6 we cover a range of topics in preparation for the SATs test in May. Medium term plans of what we cover are available at the end of this section, however they get edited regularly depending on the needs of the class. These will be tasks linked to Number, Fractions, Ratio and Proportion, Measurement, Geometry, Statistics and Algebra. The children are encouraged to learn their times tables every night as it is a requirement that by end of Year 4 all children should know up to 12 x 12. There is a scheme used within the Academy provided support to the teaching of Maths. A link to an overview of the scheme can be found by at the end of this section. This year we will be starting to cover the new Year 6 curriculum - this will be from September 2015. The document below will give you an insight to what is expected for your child at this time.

Autumn Medium Term Plan

Spring Medium Term Plans

Summer Medium Term Plans

English in Year 6 - We cover a range of units in Year 6 in preaparation for what is required in secondary schools. The new curriculum for English started in September 2015 will be continued for this year as well. The curriculum will allow the children to develop further their skills in reading, writing and grammar. The topics taught cover both non-fiction and fiction tasks such as Biographies, Persuasive writing, Short Stories, Non-Chronological reports and Recounts. An overview of what is required by a Year 6 child can be found in the document below. Handwriting follows the Nelson scheme and spellings are taken from the new National Curriculum requirement for Year 6 children.

Autumn Term Medium Plans

Spring Medium Term Plans



​Autumn 1:1 - Hola Mexico

Autumn 1:2 - A Child's WarFrozen Kingdom

Spring 2:1 - Frozen KingdomBlood Heart

Spring 2:2 - Blood Heart

Summer 3:1 - SATs

Summer 3:2 - Gallery Rebels/Young Enterprise Project


Year 6 is the final Year of Primary Education and so a major focus is on the National SATs tests taken in May. Children are provided with all the necessary skills in order to take these tests, which comprise of the following:


  • Reading test
  • Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar Test
  • Maths Arithmetic Test - Paper 1
  • Maths - Paper 2
  • Maths - Paper 3


These tests allow children to show the progress and attainment they have achieved during their time at secondary school. The way children are assessed has changed this year as levels will no longer be used. Instead you will receive a scaled score as to whether your child is below, at or above National averages.


During the Year the children are taught Maths, English and Science which are the Core areas of the curriculum, alongside the Foundation subjects which are: Geography, History, Art, Design and Technology, P:E, R:E, PSHE and I.C.T. We follow a creative curriculum (Cornerstones) which allows lots of these subjects to be taught under one theme. Our R:E subjects follow the Birmingham syllabus (SACRE).

Year 6 learn about some fascinating topics during their final year at primary school. Here is what we learn about during Year 6
Autumn 1:1 - Hola Mexico - As part of our first topic we will study the great country that is Mexico. We will discover the food, fashion and fun that is all around this vibrant country, along with sampling some of the amazing sounds and spices that are so popular in this region. We will take a step back in time and find out about the discovery of chocolate through the Maya tribes. Our trip will be to Cadbury World where we will experience a variety of different zones and learn first hand the history of choclate


Autumn 2: A Child's War - During this topic we learnt about World War 2 as history was our focus lesson. We discovered why the War started and the important figures that were part of this decision. Our favourite part was dressing up as evacuees and living as a war child. This was a bit scary as we imagined what it would have been like to experience such a change in your life. Also we created pictures illustrating what a city would look like during a night time bombing mission. Science this term will be looking at dissolving and how we can speed it up, along with what materials dissolves and evaporation.

Spring 1: -Frozen Kingdom - This topic is Geography based and will allow us to discover some of the harshest land areas in our planet. We will learn about what it would be like to visit there, the landscape and the animals that make this part of the world their habitat. we will trace the history of this environment and use data to look at temperatures. Poetry will be used in this topic especially when thinking about the Northern Lights and their influence in a variety of media. Science will focus on adaptation as to how animal can survive in the conditions they live in.  
Spring 2:2 - Blood Heart - This topic is focusing on Science and how to keep healthy. We primarily look at the functions of the heart and what we can do to prevent heart disease. This topic allows the children to design healthy foods as well as a fundraising event for the British heart Foundation.
Summer 3:1 - SATs - This half term spent revising for our tests, along with booster sessions and preparation questions. Science - revision of forces.
Summer 3:2 - Gallery Rebels/Young Enterprise Scheme - As part of our final topic we will study how art has changed and been influenced over the years. We also will take part in a Young Enterprise project which will focus on designing a new product to sell and make a profit. 

Cornerstones Overview for Year 6


Autumn 1:1 - living by rules and morals

Children will be looking into the rules we follow in society and what happens when these aren't followed. We will also by thinking about our morals and whether people have different morals or should everyone have the same.


Autumn 1:2 - Creating unity, harmony and forgiveness

Children will be looking at how we should treat people no matter what their differences are to ourselves. We will be thinking about how to create harmony in different situations and whether you should forgive no matter what. there will also be some work on the true meaning of Christmas.


Spring 2:1 - Remembering Roots and courage

We will be studying the story of Noah and how looking back into the past can help us determine a better future. Along with this we will be examining what it is like to be courageous and who we know or have read about that did something courageous to make the world a better place.


Spring 2:2 - Easter and Suffering

Here we will study the Easter story and the values that it gives to Christians. We will think about the suffering that Jesus went through for Christians all over the world.


Summer 3:1 - Expressing Joy/Eid and The Lord's Prayer

This half term we will be looking at what makes us happy and also learning about why Muslims celebrate Eid and how they do this. Also we will be learning about the Lord's Prayer and what is significant about it for Christians.


Summer 3:2 - Being Curious, valuing knowledge and being reflective

In our final half term we will be asking ourselves why is why important? This will lead into lots of discussions about what Islam teaches us about Moses through this bible story. Finally we will be thinking about what is perfection if there is such a thing. This will allow us to look at spiritual journeys through different religions and how these can influence our every day lives.

RE Yearly Planning Overview

French - This is taught weekly using the Rigalo scheme to teach children basic phrases in French in order for them to develop their skills further when they go to secondary school.
PSHCE - In the Academy we try to encourage children to be independent and prepared for life outside of school. This is done using the Dorothy Dot Scheme which for Year 6 focus' on Looking at Risk and how to make the right decisions. Children are also taught about Life Education through Drug and Sex Education, which examines puberty and the changes children will go through as they become young adults.



During the school year the following PE topics are taught. For more details about each area please visit the PE section of our academy website.


  • Swimming and dance
  • Swimming and gymnastics
  • Net and wall and dance
  • Invasion and stiking and fielding
  • Net and wall and athletics
  • Outdoor activity and invasion